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Proceedings of NCS2001




Level of detail (LOD) modeling or mesh reduction has been found useful in interactive walkthrough applications. In particular, view-dependent LOD modeling has its strength in selective refinement and effective view and back-face culling. In this paper, we propose a view-dependent LOD modeling in which the selective refinements is performed according to a dependency graph. The dependency graph is constructed based on a progressive meshing scheme that is clustering-based and takes both geometry and topology simplification into account. In the dependency graph, nodes represent the simplification step while the edge representing relations between nodes. The relation associated with each edge is classified as either inheritance or dependence relation in order to facilitate the use of spatial and temporal coherence. In the run-time or selective refinement phase, a scheme is proposed to reduce the amount of selective and gauged nodes. Our experiments reveal that the proposed scheme provides a steady and efficient computational efficiency in the process of selective refinement.


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