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Conference / Journal:

Proceedings of the 1st international conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques in Australasia and South East Asia, Pages 151-158




The correspondences establishment for a set of models is a versatile algorithm in computer graphics and geometry processing, which in general counts on a lot of specification by users to build a common dissection with a set of feature points between the input models. We propose a novel method to compute the consistent parameterizations for multiple models with a little user-control. Our parameterization scheme performs a geometric-stretch optimization to optimize the parameterization of each patch. The alignment of feature correspondences for the result of parameterizations is also considered using a foldover-free warping algorithm. Uniform or adaptive remeshing can be performed to yield a set of semi-regular meshes. Moveover, geometry images can be generated easily with the parameterizations to store the geometric information in a simple grid structure that benefits a number of applications, including normal mapping, texture mapping, rendering, level-of-detail, compression, and morphing. We also demonstrate the mesh morphing application between two or more objects in both spatial and wavelet domain based on the correspondence established by a simple common dissection and remeshing.


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