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Proceeding of Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing




Precomputed radiance transfer accounting for selfshadowing and interreflection allows objects to be shaded by distant, dynamic, low-frequency lights. In the previous work, the incident radiance function is sampled at points uniformly selected by an off-line process, and a radial function is then used to interpolate all samples. If lights are near to objects, or occluding one another, a large number of samples are required. Since the interpolation is performed through all samples, locality can be likely to lose. In this paper, we present a framework of sampling and reconstruction in which objects can be shaded by nearby luminaries. Our work dynamically selects sample points according to object geometries and nearby luminaries. The quality of sampling is controlled by a userspecified error bound. Furthermore, the valid domain of samples can be used as error bounds to enhance the interpolation.


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