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Computer Graphics Workshop




Rendering the effects of light scattering for interactive applications is often made difcult by the demands of dynamic viewing, lighting, scene geometry, and environment parameters. Recent advances in rendering of participating media using analytic techniques have enhanced performance signicantly to meet this challenge, albeit under assumptions and simplications made to scenes. In this paper, we present an analytic lighting model for participating media with dynamic anisotropic scattering that may be used for scenes that include fog, mist, or haze. Our model applies an explicit analytic integration to an angle-formulated single scattering integral for a point light source in a homogenous participating medium. Users may create a dynamic scattering environment, such that the scattering conditions are easily manipulated using simple parameters of density and forward scattering level. Using our model, we demonstrate the effect of different levels of forward scattering on glows around light sources and surface radiance. Our method can be implemented on programmable graphics hardware in real-time.


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